lördag 25 januari 2014


It feels amazing to have a prototype done, down on the video you can get a feel of what the player will be doing.

The neurons react to the little purple neurotransmitter and propagate the signal forward, it's what's happening right now in your brain! In this brain there is small turrets that shoot micro bullets. In the future there will be multiple axons and dendrites that recieves signals, multiple directions and more turrets, and bactera and stuff to handle.

You can easily see that if you just increase the activation a little the signal gets exponentially bigger.

Programming talk:

It's just 140 rows of code. 4 scripts in c# and java script mixed.
GUI-script for buttons
raycastingscript for mousclicks
Neuron-script for neurons
MicroTurret script for turrets
(and two really simple scripts for turret-bullets and neurotransmittersignals)

I've got a lot of help from my dear friends via IRC. thanks Tobias Widlund, Lucas Lindström and Daniel Hambraeus! They managed to help me with stuff even though they have never touched unity. Great programming skills they have, yes.

Anyhow, we searched on the unity site on the forums and found our answers, I understood some of the simple code and just copy pasta it to see what errors i needed to fix.

the raycasting shoots a ray onto what the pointer clicks on, that square that is hit gets a neuron or micro turret. Right now you can see that the things can be suprapositioned, a neuron gets missplaced and some other bugs.

I'm really proud of what I've accomplished today, this is very concrete results!

Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!

//Tistou Blomberg

lördag 18 januari 2014

Boring buttons

Today I've looked at the problem of having touchbuttons in Unity, It is easily fixed so I made a script following Devin Curry. He is awesome.

Anyway I have semidecided that we will develop the game for PC first.

Then adapt it for mobile platforms when it's done.

This way we can get good focus and wont have to focus on so many things at once.

Don't worry, if the game gets good and not to dependent on computing power it will be released for android and IOS :)

Boring buttons where done with mouseclicking today:

You can see how the clickers gets clicked and stuff. It's like paradise hotell.

Until next time!


söndag 12 januari 2014

Back from weekend! Kewl chain reaction action!

Sry I didn't mention that I took a break during the holidays!

Anyways I'm back!

Yesterday I worked in unity and followed a guide to make a tower defense game.

I played around with it and made some simple prototype thingy about a neuron who sends a neurotransmitter and sets off a turret. Check it out!

It's a bit warped but you get the idea. It's a neuron to the left with an axon; it sends acetylcholine when triggered, this in turn sets of the turret which blasts a ball.

Aw yeah! I can feel it coming!

//Tistou the human