lördag 24 augusti 2013

Subject I choose you!

I have thought about the information I should share via the game.
First I thought about Neurology, then math and maybe some history.

I want to help people the best way so I want to choose the subject that will help the most and still will be fun for me and my still ungathered crew.

I will choose a combination of Civics, Philosophy and Psychology. I want to give people the basics so that they know how to keep themselves happy (psychology), have a meaningful life and a goal to be proud of (philosophy) and I want to give the basic understanding of how you get a job, communicate and function in society.

Mainly I just want everyone to feel good about themselves, use their responsability to help everyone by using their human intelligence and creativity.

If I manage to make it fun it will probably make real life more fun as well.

Subject is supereffective!

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