tisdag 27 augusti 2013

Subject unchosen!

I've realized that if I try to make this big game about civics then I need to act like a projectmanager over a bunch of people and I still have to learn more about that.

So in order to get my motivation up and show my personal skills, I will make a smaller educational game.

It will be about neurons, what is a neuron and what it contains and how it communicates with other neurons. Very basic but still new information for many people.

The first step is to make a timeplan so that I know what I will do when, have a consistent development and to not get stuck at things. I will have to "kill my darlings" and settle with what I can accomplish in about 1-4 months in order to get a finished game.

The second step I've chosen is to extract what info should be in the game. So I am going to look at goal descriptions from courses about basic neurology and advanced to see what would fit good to motivate the player and give him a base to be able to learn more. I will also repeat what I've learned so that the info is fresh.

I will probably present a more detailed plan in the next post.

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