lördag 14 september 2013

Content of game is neurons!

So the content of the game will be based upon what is at wikipedia.

I really like the summation of information there. Once I have chosen the content, it will go through my brain and I will also try to check with my proffessors about the information to see that the game is based upon the latest research. I think that choosing what information the player will be exposed to is a big part of my role as a cognitive scientist. Information help create the models we make of the world and it's important that you get the right info at the right time.

I think theese drawings by Santiago Ramón y Cajal are amazing. If they are up for grabs I will put them in the game as kind of prices/achievements that you can win by playing well. So you can later check your trophé-book for stuff you have earned. I strongly believe that a piece of art just like this picture or a trophy is more appreciated the more work the artist has put into it. Santiagos drawings seem to be drawn with skill, enthusiasm and patience, and they are so simplistic. They really give a good embodied experience of what a neuron is.

A simple piece of conceptart I made of how the game may look like:

If each level would be narrated or guided by a different real character from neuroscience it would be a nice mix of usefullness, fun and information presentation.

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