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Game engines, working on gameplay and story

So while checking out the possible game engines and programming languages I feel I have a huge amount of alternatives, that feels nice.

I haven't decided yet what medium to make the game in. I have thought about the pros and cons about different programming languages and game makers. Since no good programmer has joined my quest so far, the game will probably be made in a game maker and not in a programming language (such as python,c#,c++,java...).

These are the game makers I have in mind:





http://gamesalad.com/  (in the picture)

They are all great and you can see the games made in them by clicking on 'arcade' or 'games' on their sites.

The choice between an "app" and an in-browser game (games you can play in your webbrowser) is an important one. Some of the listed gamemakers allows us to develop the game for IOS and Android wich is a great way to make it popular and reach a great audience through google play and the app store. If we are to develop for touchpads there is allot to think about in gameplay. We can't put to much demand on the player to press with precision so the games buttons will have to be big and the neurons need to be big in order for the player to easily connect a neuron to it. We will think about this a bit more and hopefully next saturday we can make a choice. If we choose not to make it an "app" we will need a site where the game will be played or we can make it downloadable to a computer. I would think that making it available online for anyone to play is a good choice except for the detail of having saved games. I would love it if we could make a site where you can log on to a user, that way the player can have saved games and we could collect data about age and sex to see what audiences likes the game the most. By collecting the data we can make tons of user studies that can make the game alot better! But that would require some kind of database connected to the game and we would need to work with a programming language which would take up time.

I've aquired a friend who will be working with me on the game, he will be responsible for the music. His name is Svitri and he is a nice fellow!

We have worked on the gameplay and the story.


Stem cells
You will play a scientist who have come up with a device to quickly transform stemcells into neurons and other cells. You will have a petri dish where you will grow your network from stem cells (this will be the playingarea). Once you have played for a little while and built a little network, there will be an accident and a scientist will drop some bacteria into your dish, theese bacteria will slowly make it towards your precious network and you will have to defend it by placing either nanobots or building a natural immune system.


White blood cell (part of the immune system) is eating red bacteria
The immune system and other parts of the game will not be to advanced and there is alot of real facts that we will have to skip in order to make it before deadline. I'd love to one day make a whole game which contains all kinds of microorganisms, their proteins, aminoacids etc... But for this game where our team is small we will have to settle with a simplifyed version of things and processes.

Thanks for reading! If there is something that you didn't understand in this post please comment about it down below! I want to become as transparent as possible.

Until next time I will have decided what medium to use, for what devices to develop to and decided precisely on the gameplay. If you have any thoughts or tips let me know!

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