söndag 1 september 2013

Game Dev Tycoon

I have found an educational game that I think is perfect for anyone who wants to join the game industry!

This here on the right is Game Dev Tycoon from Green heart games.

This is a perfect example of games I like to make. A game that contains concrete experiences that can occur in real life. The game is presenting more and more advanced concepts the longer you play. It introduces solutions to problems while giving the opportunity to be creative. A game like this can easily be remembered outside the game which is very important in educational games. This games conditions me to like the challenges that a game developing company can face and makes the whole bankruptcy less of a stress factor (good use of psychosocial moratorium!). It also goes through the game industry from the 80s and an understanding of the gaming history can be very good to have under the belt.

As I play through it I will try to find good principles that they have implemented and see if I can see things that could be improved. If I find anything interesting I will share it with you!

On a second note I have realized that it would be very nice to visit a game developing company and see how they work. A small company with just 1 to 5 people would be very giving and to visiting a bigger company would be great if there would be someone to explain the whole chain of distributing the workload. So I am going to see if there are any here in Umeå since that would make things very easy.

On a third note I have decided to dedicate Wednesdays to work on my educational game quest and on Saturdays I will also update the blog.

So check in once a week to be updated on my quest to change the nature of education as we know it!

Thanks for reading! :D

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